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ABGENT: Anti-Drug Antibody (ADA) Integrated Service Platform

Protein drugs have potential immunogenicity. They may induce the body to produce anti-drug antibodies (ADAs). ADAs may reduce drug efficacy, cause allergic reactions, or even threaten human life.

Monitoring the potential immune response of protein drugs (IR) has become a regulatory requirement for drug development. Antibodies deployed in clinical samples for ADAs detection has become necessary; these antibodies may also be used for PK / PD studies of protein drugs.

Antibody drugs have become a hot area of research in biopharmaceuticals. Anti-idiotype antibodies are mainly used in detecting levels of specific anti-drug antibodies in the blood, including free, bound and total forms. These reaagents play an important role in the field of antibody drug development.

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ABGENT specializes in antibody production and has extensive experience
in the development of anti-drug antibodies, with focused experience in development of anti-idiotype antibodies.
ABGENT CASE STUDY: Monoclonal Anti-idiotype Antibodies
The concentration of Anti-ID Ab is 37ng/mI, and the concentration
of negative controls (HuIgG1k) is 1 ug/mI
(Data from customer)
Anti-ID Ab initial concentration is 1ug/mL. Anti-ID Ab binds specifically to
idiotype Ab, but not other negative controls (HuIgG1k).
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