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Autophagy Receptor Motif PlotterDeveloped by Abcepta, Copyright © 2014 -2024

The autophagy pathway is mediated by selective receptors. They recognize and sort diverse cargo substrates (e.g., proteins, organelles, pathogens) for delivery to the autophagic machinery. Known autophagy receptors are characterized by short linear sequence motifs (autophagy receptor motifs, or ARMs) responsible for the interaction with the Atg8/LC3 family. Many ARM-containing proteins (ARM-CPs) are also involved in autophagosome formation and maturation and a few of them in regulating signaling pathways. The availability of an ever-increasing number of complete eukaryotic genomes poses a grand challenge for characterizing novel ARM-CPs. ARM, a freely available web resource developed by Abcepta scientists, assists in the identification of novel ARM-CPs. Users input a given an amino acid sequence into the web-enabled tool, and ARM identifies internal sequences matching a pattern within the 3 classes of the extended ARM motif (x6-W/F/Yxxx-x2). The program then computes and lists the top four scores for each motif class (W-, F-, Y-). The full sequence of the ARM-CP is displayed, where ARMs are colored by their score and ranked score-values are presented in tabular form. Users citing this tool when used in the development of a publication are recommended to adhere to the rules of the publishing entity in referring to this resource.

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