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ELITE™ Modification-state-specific Antibody services

Phospho-specific antibodies are critical tools used for research of signaling pathways and regulatory networks in various cellular processes. Abcepta has vast experience in the development of custom and off the shelf antibodies against specific phosphorylated residues in different protein targets.

Additionally, Abcepta can also develop polyclonal /monoclonal antibodies against methylated and acetylated residues, valuable tools in epigenetics research.
Our project managers will work with you from antigen design to validation.

Our ELITE™ Modification-state-specific antibody offering includes
the following:

Services Days
Antigen design and preparation: Modified peptide synthesis
Peptide conjugation to KLH
Control non modified peptide synthesis
Peptide conjugation to KLH
Animal immunization: rabbits for polyclonal and mouse for monoclonal 1
Test bleed ELISA screening for phosphopeptide, non-phosphopeptide 35-49
Hybridoma fusion and screening for phosphopeptide, non-phosphopeptide clones,
clones amplification and storage
Ascites production 85
Two step phosho-specific purification by peptide affinity 99
Validation test by WB (limited guarantee available) 3
Validation test by IF (limited guarantee available) 3
Validation by other tests (limited guarantee available) 3-10
Total: ~120-140


  • 2 x 1 ml pre-immune bleeds
  • 2 x 1 ml 1st post-immune bleeds
  • 10 mg of peptide, 2-10 mg of Ig fraction (protein A and peptide affinity purified)

Abcepta also provides blocking peptides for phospho-specific antibodies.

These peptides are used to confirm that signal specificity is due to the antibody's interaction with its antigen, as opposed to non-specific binding.

Request quotation - Monoclonal Request quotation - Polyclonal
Order Information:


USA: 888.735.7227 (toll free) or 858.875.1900

USA: 858-622-0609