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ELITE™ Polyclonal Antibody Services

Abcepta is a leading manufacturer of custom antibodies with over 20,000 antibodies developed over the last decade. Our team applies decades to offer tailored, flexible solutions producing antibodies matched to your needs. Provide your own immunogen or work with our world-class synthetic peptide chemistry group to design an epitope-specific and immunogenic peptide to meet your specifications for yield, purity, and target specificity. Our experience applies across a broad range of antibody applications, from workhorse Western Blot reagents, up to robust polyclonal anti-drug antibodies (ADA) used as positive controls for serum analysis as part of biotherapeutic safety assays.

Additionally, Abcepta can develop a pre-optimized antibody validated in the assay of your choosing. Please contact us to learn more about these and other service offerings.

Services Days
Peptide antigen design and preparation: Peptide antigen synthesis up to 18 AA residues with purity > 95%
Peptide antigen conjugation to KLH carrier protein
OR Recombinant protein antigen(supplied by customer, >95% pure by SDS Page)
Two subcutaneous injections of 200 ug conjugated peptide/protein with adjuvant per rabbit
Three subcutaneous injections of 100 ug conjugated peptide/protein with adjuvant per rabbit
Collect test bleeds. Conduct ELISA analysis on test bleed #1, and test bleed #2 if #1 is negative
Five production bleeds per rabbit
Terminal bleed by exsanguination (±40 ml serum/rabbit), final ELISA analysis
Peptide affinity purification for typical total yield of 2-10 mg IgG from 2 rabbits for delivery to customer 7
Optional: Application Validation Test WB, IHC, IF, FC 3
Total: ~86-100

How It Works:

An experienced custom services project manager will reply to your request with a quotation by email. A teleconference to review project scope and deliverables may also be arranged at client request.

Once you approve the quote, send it as an attachment with your purchase order to You will receive a confirmation of the order and project updates at regular intervals during the production.

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USA: 888.735.7227 (toll free) or 858.875.1900

USA: 858-875-1999

For additional information visit :

PDF ELITE Custom Antibody Service Brochure