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Custom Peptide Synthesis Services

Abcepta is a leading provider of high-quality peptide synthesis services. Based on decades of experience, Abcepta peptide chemists craft optimized coupling reactions, carefully select building blocks and resins, deploy case-specific methods to circumvent hydrophobic interactions, and devise backup routes in the event of synthetic difficulties. We consult with you during project design, at critical project junctures, and post-delivery with free lifetime technical support. We take your custom peptide expectations personally, and we are relentless in delivering satisfaction on every aspect of your project.

Abcepta’s Advantages:
Specialists in both routine & challenging peptides
Specialists in both
routine & challenging peptides
High yield quality products at your specified purity level
High yield quality products
at your specified purity level
Fast turn around time
Fast turn around time
Competitive prices
Competitive prices

Custom Peptide Synthesis - A Comprehensive Service

Peptide Services  
  Peptide Form Single peptides
  Peptide Scale From milligram to multi-gram scale
  Peptide Purification HPLC purification up to 98% (Crude peptide also available)
  Peptide Length Routine synthesis of peptides ≤ 30 aa. Long peptide synthesis using special chemistry (40-100 aa)
  Modifications Phosphorylation, methylation, acetylation, biotinylation, MAPS (4 or 8 chalns). Please inquire for other modification
  Labels FITC, rhodamine, TAMRA. Please inquire for other labels
  Conjugations Keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH), BSA, Hydralink
  Cyclization S-S
  Analysis Liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry (LC/MS)
  Libraries Customized. Please inquire
  Allquoting Order your peptides pre-allquoted for greater convenience.

Satisfied Customer Testimony:

“Abcepta succeeded with a challenging custom peptide where a number of other suppliers failed. Abcepta’s remarkable success in this effort gave us confidence that we would be able to move forward with a program centered around this peptide. During candidate selection and manufacturing optimization, Abcepta always came back to us with far more than we had asked or expected. They remain a key part in our peptide program moving forward.”
Todd C. Zankel
Chief Science Officer
Raptor Pharmaceutical, Inc.

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USA: 888.735.7227 (toll free) or

USA: 858-622-0609

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