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CHN2 Antibody (Center) Blocking Peptide

Synthetic peptide

Product Information
Primary Accession P52757
Additional Information
Other Names Beta-chimaerin, Beta-chimerin, Rho GTPase-activating protein 3, CHN2, ARHGAP3, BCH
Format Synthetic peptide was lyophilized with 100% acetonitrile and is supplied as a powder. Reconstitute with 0.1 ml DI water for a final concentration of 1 mg/ml.
StorageMaintain refrigerated at 2-8°C for up to 6 months. For long term storage store at -20°C.
PrecautionsThis product is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
Protein Information
Name CHN2
Synonyms ARHGAP3, BCH
Function GTPase-activating protein for p21-rac. Insufficient expression of beta-2 chimaerin is expected to lead to higher Rac activity and could therefore play a role in the progression from low- grade to high-grade tumors.
Cellular Location Membrane; Peripheral membrane protein
Tissue Location Highest levels in the brain and pancreas. Also expressed in the heart, placenta, and weakly in the kidney and liver Expression is much reduced in the malignant gliomas, compared to normal brain or low-grade astrocytomas EMBL; L29126; AAA19191.1; -; mRNA EMBL; U07223; AAA16836.1; -; mRNA EMBL; U28926; AAA86528.1; -; mRNA EMBL; EU732752; ACF04989.1; -; mRNA EMBL; EU732753; ACF04990.1; -; mRNA EMBL; EU732754; ACF04991.1; -; mRNA EMBL; EU732758; ACF04995.1; -; mRNA EMBL; EU732762; ACF04999.1; -; mRNA EMBL; GQ924106; ADK47390.1; -; mRNA EMBL; AK026415; -; NOT_ANNOTATED_CDS; mRNA EMBL; AK313021; BAG35856.1; -; mRNA EMBL; AK316030; BAH14401.1; -; mRNA EMBL; AC004417; AAC06177.1; -; Genomic_DNA EMBL; AC004593; -; NOT_ANNOTATED_CDS; Genomic_DNA EMBL; AC005232; -; NOT_ANNOTATED_CDS; Genomic_DNA EMBL; AC007096; -; NOT_ANNOTATED_CDS; Genomic_DNA EMBL; AC007255; AAS07498.1; -; Genomic_DNA EMBL; CH236948; EAL24205.1; -; Genomic_DNA EMBL; CH471073; EAW93919.1; -; Genomic_DNA EMBL; BC112155; AAI12156.1; -; mRNA CCDS; CCDS47566.1; -. [P52757-3] CCDS; CCDS5420.1; -. [P52757-1] CCDS; CCDS78219.1; -. [P52757-5] CCDS; CCDS87488.1; -. [P52757-9] PIR; A53764; A53764 RefSeq; NP_001035025.1; NM_001039936.2. [P52757-3] RefSeq; NP_001279998.1; NM_001293069.1. [P52757-9] RefSeq; NP_001279999.1; NM_001293070.1 RefSeq; NP_001280000.1; NM_001293071.1 RefSeq; NP_001280002.1; NM_001293073.1. [P52757-4] RefSeq; NP_001280004.1; NM_001293075.1. [P52757-6] RefSeq; NP_001280005.1; NM_001293076.1. [P52757-5] RefSeq; NP_001280006.1; NM_001293077.1 RefSeq; NP_001280007.1; NM_001293078.1 RefSeq; NP_001280008.1; NM_001293079.1 RefSeq; NP_001280009.1; NM_001293080.1. [P52757-7] RefSeq; NP_004058.1; NM_004067.3. [P52757-1] PDB; 1XA6; X-ray; 3.20 A; A=7-468 PDBsum; 1XA6; - SMR; P52757; - BioGRID; 107548; 9 IntAct; P52757; 18 MINT; P52757; - STRING; 9606.ENSP00000222792; - BindingDB; P52757; - ChEMBL; CHEMBL4504; - iPTMnet; P52757; - PhosphoSitePlus; P52757; - BioMuta; CHN2; - DMDM; 2506455; - jPOST; P52757; - MassIVE; P52757; - PaxDb; P52757; - PeptideAtlas; P52757; - PRIDE; P52757; - ProteomicsDB; 20301; - ProteomicsDB; 3840; - ProteomicsDB; 3841; - ProteomicsDB; 3842; - ProteomicsDB; 3843; - ProteomicsDB; 56529; -. [P52757-1] Antibodypedia; 12544; 228 antibodies Ensembl; ENST00000222792; ENSP00000222792; ENSG00000106069. [P52757-1] Ensembl; ENST00000412711; ENSP00000486515; ENSG00000106069. [P52757-3] Ensembl; ENST00000421775; ENSP00000394284; ENSG00000106069. [P52757-5] GeneID; 1124; - KEGG; hsa:1124; - UCSC; uc003szz.4; human. [P52757-1] CTD; 1124; - DisGeNET; 1124; - EuPathDB; HostDB:ENSG00000106069.20; - GeneCards; CHN2; - HGNC; HGNC:1944; CHN2 HPA; ENSG00000106069; Tissue enhanced (brain, intestine) MIM; 602857; gene neXtProt; NX_P52757; - OpenTargets; ENSG00000106069; - PharmGKB; PA26474; - eggNOG; KOG1453; Eukaryota eggNOG; ENOG410YM3I; LUCA GeneTree; ENSGT00950000182819; - HOGENOM; CLU_015883_0_0_1; - InParanoid; P52757; - KO; K20630; - OMA; PIWKSYX; - OrthoDB; 1300981at2759; - PhylomeDB; P52757; - TreeFam; TF342052; - Reactome; R-HSA-194840; Rho GTPase cycle SignaLink; P52757; - SIGNOR; P52757; - BioGRID-ORCS; 1124; 1 hit in 787 CRISPR screens ChiTaRS; CHN2; human EvolutionaryTrace; P52757; - GeneWiki; Chimerin_2; - GenomeRNAi; 1124; - Pharos; P52757; Tbio PRO; PR:P52757; - Proteomes; UP000005640; Chromosome 7 RNAct; P52757; protein Bgee; ENSG00000106069; Expressed in cerebellar vermis and 203 other tissues ExpressionAtlas; P52757; baseline and differential Genevisible; P52757; HS GO; GO:0005829; C:cytosol; TAS:Reactome GO; GO:0016020; C:membrane; IEA:UniProtKB-SubCell GO; GO:0045202; C:synapse; IDA:MGI GO; GO:0005096; F:GTPase activator activity; IDA:MGI GO; GO:0046872; F:metal ion binding; IEA:UniProtKB-KW GO; GO:0005070; F:SH3/SH2 adaptor activity; TAS:ProtInc GO; GO:0035556; P:intracellular signal transduction; IEA:InterPro GO; GO:0043087; P:regulation of GTPase activity; IBA:GO_Central GO; GO:0051056; P:regulation of small GTPase mediated signal transduction; TAS:Reactome CDD; cd00029; C1; 1 CDD; cd04372; RhoGAP_chimaerin; 1 CDD; cd10352; SH2_a2chimerin_b2chimerin; 1 Gene3D; 1.10.555.10; -; 1 Gene3D; 3.30.505.10; -; 1 InterPro; IPR035840; Chimaerin_SH2 InterPro; IPR017356; CHN1/CHN2 InterPro; IPR020454; DAG/PE-bd InterPro; IPR002219; PE/DAG-bd InterPro; IPR008936; Rho_GTPase_activation_prot InterPro; IPR037860; RhoGAP_chimaerin InterPro; IPR000198; RhoGAP_dom InterPro; IPR000980; SH2 InterPro; IPR036860; SH2_dom_sf Pfam; PF00130; C1_1; 1 Pfam; PF00620; RhoGAP; 1 Pfam; PF00017; SH2; 1 PIRSF; PIRSF038015; N-chimaerin; 1 PRINTS; PR00008; DAGPEDOMAIN SMART; SM00109; C1; 1 SMART; SM00324; RhoGAP; 1 SMART; SM00252; SH2; 1 SUPFAM; SSF48350; SSF48350; 1 SUPFAM; SSF55550; SSF55550; 1 PROSITE; PS50238; RHOGAP; 1 PROSITE; PS50001; SH2; 1 PROSITE; PS00479; ZF_DAG_PE_1; 1 PROSITE; PS50081; ZF_DAG_PE_2; 1 1: Evidence at protein level; 3D-structure; Alternative splicing; GTPase activation; Membrane; Metal-binding; Polymorphism; Reference proteome; SH2 domain; Zinc; Zinc-finger CHAIN 1..468 /note="Beta-chimaerin" /id="PRO_0000056697" DOMAIN 59..127 /note="SH2" /evidence="ECO:0000255|PROSITE-ProRule:PRU00191" DOMAIN 277..468 /note="Rho-GAP" /evidence="ECO:0000255|PROSITE-ProRule:PRU00172" ZN_FING 214..264 /note="Phorbol-ester/DAG-type" /evidence="ECO:0000255|PROSITE-ProRule:PRU00226" VAR_SEQ 1..56 /note="MAASSNSSLSGSSVSSDAEEYQPPIWKSYLYQLQQEAPRPKRIICPREVENR PKYY -> MFSEELWLENEKKCAVVRKSKQGRKRQELLAVAFGVKVGVKGGFLWPPLKL FACSQ (in isoform 3, isoform 5 and isoform 7)" /evidence="ECO:0000303|PubMed:14702039, ECO:0000303|Ref.3" /id="VSP_046271" VAR_SEQ 1..36 /note="MAASSNSSLSGSSVSSDAEEYQPPIWKSYLYQLQQE -> MFSEELWLENEK KCAVVRKSKQGRKRQELLAVAFGV (in isoform 4 and isoform 6)" /evidence="ECO:0000303|PubMed:14702039, ECO:0000303|Ref.3" /id="VSP_047600" VAR_SEQ 1..15 /note="MAASSNSSLSGSSVS -> MTQTHRAKSASSCPNLLVPETWPHQVSASHAGR SKQPQGGILKINEEHRRGAIQDLLASPGFTFGKRVVFDSHCLKRQHTFADGLHSSCT (in isoform Beta-3)" /evidence="ECO:0000303|Ref.4" /id="VSP_053679" VAR_SEQ 37..217 /note="Missing (in isoform 4 and isoform 6)" /evidence="ECO:0000303|PubMed:14702039, ECO:0000303|Ref.3" /id="VSP_047601" VAR_SEQ 49..192 /note="Missing (in isoform 8)" /evidence="ECO:0000303|Ref.3" /id="VSP_053323" VAR_SEQ 57..192 /note="Missing (in isoform 3, isoform 5 and isoform 7)" /evidence="ECO:0000303|PubMed:14702039, ECO:0000303|Ref.3" /id="VSP_046272" VAR_SEQ 247..304 /note="Missing (in isoform 5)" /evidence="ECO:0000303|Ref.3" /id="VSP_047602" VAR_SEQ 331..377 /note="DGEKADISANVYPDINIITGALKLYFRDLPIPVITYDTYSKFIDAAK -> E (in isoform 6 and isoform 7)" /evidence="ECO:0000303|Ref.3" /id="VSP_047603" VARIANT 204 /note="H -> R (in dbSNP:rs3750103)" /evidence="ECO:0000269|PubMed:14702039" /id="VAR_022118" VARIANT 438 /note="P -> S (in dbSNP:rs34971642)" /id="VAR_049136" CONFLICT 1..6 /note="MAASSN -> MRLL (in Ref. 1; AAA16836/AAA19191)" /evidence="ECO:0000305" HELIX 29..36 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" STRAND 58..63 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 66..73 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" STRAND 79..84 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" STRAND 86..88 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" STRAND 92..98 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" STRAND 101..104 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" STRAND 108..114 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" STRAND 116..118 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 125..138 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 141..146 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 153..155 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" STRAND 156..161 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" TURN 229..231 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" TURN 237..240 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" STRAND 246..248 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 255..257 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" TURN 266..269 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 279..286 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 292..303 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" STRAND 306..308 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" TURN 309..313 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 318..328 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" TURN 331..334 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" STRAND 339..342 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 346..358 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 369..373 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" TURN 374..377 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 381..392 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 397..405 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" TURN 406..410 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 411..414 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" TURN 415..419 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 424..431 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" TURN 432..434 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 445..448 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 450..462 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" HELIX 464..467 /evidence="ECO:0000244|PDB:1XA6" SEQUENCE 468 AA; 53924 MW; 63254958E0B5804C CRC64; MAASSNSSLS GSSVSSDAEE YQPPIWKSYL YQLQQEAPRP KRIICPREVE NRPKYYGREF HGIISREQAD ELLGGVEGAY ILRESQRQPG CYTLALRFGN QTLNYRLFHD GKHFVGEKRF ESIHDLVTDG LITLYIETKA AEYISKMTTN PIYEHIGYAT LLREKVSRRL SRSKNEPRKT NVTHEEHTAV EKISSLVRRA ALTHNDNHFN YEKTHNFKVH TFRGPHWCEY CANFMWGLIA QGVRCSDCGL NVHKQCSKHV PNDCQPDLKR IKKVYCCDLT TLVKAHNTQR PMVVDICIRE IEARGLKSEG LYRVSGFTEH IEDVKMAFDR DGEKADISAN VYPDINIITG ALKLYFRDLP IPVITYDTYS KFIDAAKISN ADERLEAVHE VLMLLPPAHY ETLRYLMIHL KKVTMNEKDN FMNAENLGIV FGPTLMRPPE DSTLTTLHDM RYQKLIVQIL IENEDVLF
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This gene is a member of the chimerin family and encodes a protein with a phorbol-ester/DAG-type zinc finger, a Rho-GAP domain and an SH2 domain. This protein has GTPase-activating protein activity that is regulated by phospholipid binding and binding of diacylglycerol (DAG) induces translocation of the protein from the cytosol to the Golgi apparatus membrane. The protein plays a role in the proliferation and migration of smooth muscle cells. Decreased expression of this gene is associated with high-grade gliomas and breast tumors, and increased expression of this gene is associated with lymphomas. Mutations in this gene have been associated with schizophrenia in men. Alternate transcriptional splice variants, encoding different isoforms, have been characterized.


Takefuji, M., et al. J. Hum. Genet. 55(1):42-49(2010)Suliman, S.G., et al. Diabetes 58(12):2954-2961(2009)Siliceo, M., et al. J. Biol. Chem. 284(17):11354-11363(2009)

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