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Interactive Angiogenesis Pathway

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Angiogenesis is the process of creating new blood vessels from preexisting blood vessels. This process is essential for healing, growth, development, maintenance, and wound repair in an organism. The angiogenesis pathway is controlled by balancing stimulatory and inhibitory factors. When this balance is disrupted, abnormal blood vessel growth occurs. Overgrowth or lack of growth may be an underlying contributor to medical conditions including cancer, skin diseases, age-related blindness, diabetic wounds that do not heal, heart disease, and strokes.

Ub Ub Ub Ub Ub HIF1 HIF1 Rbx1 TCEB2 TCEB1 CuI2 VHL E3 Ligasa Complex Degradation OH Normoxia S6K MNK Erk1/2 MEK1/2 mTOR Akt PI3K Ras eIF4E1 4E- BP1 HIF1 PHDs OH OH HIF1 HIF1 HIF1 CBP/p300 HIF1 HRE Target Genes Gtowth factors Cytokines ECM Proteases Cytoplasm Nucleus Erk1/2 Pericyte Proliferaction Tumor Cell Survival VEGF MMR Cox2 PAI-1 Matrix Remodeling PI3K Erk1/2 FAK Akt p38 MAPK Src Smad2/3 NOS PLC Proliferation Vascular Permeability Migration PDGFR- VEGFR2 Tie2 FGFR IGFR TGF - R PDGF-BB

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