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Interactive Cell Cycle Control: G1/S Checkpoint Pathway

cell-cycle-controlClick on any interested protein or antibody ID in the Cell Cycle Control: G1/S checkpoint pathway to list relevant products below.

Cell cycle arrest provides time crucial for repair of DNA damage, preserving genomic integrity. Growth arrest activates through checkpoint pathways that delay cell cycle progression. The balance between cell differentiation and proliferation is regulated transcriptionally; in the cell cycle the G1 to S-phase transition is the primary control point. Only prior to this can cells be directed to differentiation, otherwise they progress to the proliferative cycle autonomously.

Growth Factor Receptor Acivation Growth Factor Withdrawal DNA Damage Replicative Senescence Ubiquitination Differentiation Hormones Ubiquitination Ubiquitination Apoptosis OFF ON Replicative Senescence TGF-β Bim FasL TRAIL Ultra VioletStress Response E2F/DP Target Genes:Cyclin E/A, E2F-1/2/3,cdc2, c-Myc, p107,RanGAP, TK, DHFR,PCNA, H2A, etc.

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