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Target of the Week - LGR5/GPR49 Antibodies

Mar 24, 2015

Dear Cancer Researcher,

Abgent offers a portfolio of antibodies for the detection of LGR5/GPR49 in western blotting, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence.

LGR5, also known as GPR49, is a member of the Wnt signaling pathway expressed across a diverse range of tissues, and particularly as a biomarker of adult stem cells in certain tissues. LGR5+ve stem cells fuel stem cell activity, and a role for LGR5 has been identified in adenomas, and colorectal and gastrointestinal cancers. LGR5 may act as a tumor suppressor gene, with a main role regulating expansion of stem cells in their respective niches.

To find the right antibody for your research, please visit Abgent LGR5/GPR49 Antibodies.

Polyclonal Antibody
to LGR5/GPR49 Cat# AP2745d
Rabbit Monoclonal LGR5/GPR49
Antibody Cat# AJ1330a
Polyclonal LGR5/GPR49 Antibody
Cat# AP2745A
Polyclonal LGR5/GPR49 Antibody
Cat# AP2745f