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Crown Flash 6!

Nov 11, 2014

Crown Flash! 50% off

November's "Crown Flash" 550+ Antibodies:
Newly Released and Data-Enriched

These antibodies meet highly aggressive quality requirements for specificity, sensitivity, and reproducibility.

550+ "Crown Flash"
Eligible Antibodies
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AP20640a TUFM Antibody (N-term)
Phospho-CDC25A(T507) Antibody
  • CDC25A dephosphorylates CDK1 to stimulate its kinase activity and functions as a dosage-dependent inducer of mitotic progression.
  • Validated for IP, IF,WB, and IHC.
AP3903b Phospho-HUMAN-PIK3C2B(Y228)
FXYD6 Antibody (C-term)Antibody
  • Variations in FXYD6 are found associated with Schizophrenia 2 (SCZD2), a complex and multifactorial psychotic disorder.
  • This antibody was validated for WB using human brain tissue lysate.
AP20658c AKT1/2/3 Antibody (Center)
PPT1 Antibody
  • Mutations in PPT1 gene cause ceroid lipofuscinosis, neuronal 1 (CLN1), associated with progressive neurodegenerative and lysosomal storage diseases.
  • Validated for IHC on human, mouse and rat cerebellum tissues.
AP7622a EphB1 Antibody (C-term)
SP1 Antibody
  • SP1 plays an essential role in the regulation of FE65 gene expression and positively regulates the transcription of core clock component ARNTL/BMAL1.
  • IF validation data shows clear nuclear staining in Hela cells.

Visit Abgent website each month for the latest "Crown Flash!" promotion details. Each month Abgent offers a 50% discount off list price on newly released and selected data-upgraded antibodies.*

How to participate:

  • Place your order directly at Abgent website, via email or fax on any antibody products on the November Crown Flash promotion list.
  • Use promo code: FLASH6 when placing the order.
  • Outside of the US and UK, please visit Abgent website for promotion details in your region.
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*The "Crown Flash!" promotion applies only to the catalog antibodies listed on the "Crown Flash!" promotion product list. The discount for the selected products is valid for one month only, and the current month promotion is valid from November 1st, 2014 until November 30th, 2014. Abgent reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time. The promotion applies to all direct customers and participating distributors worldwide. Promo code FLASH6 must be given at time of order. Discount not given for previously placed orders. This promotion cannot be combined with other offers and is void where prohibited.