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Want to Screen 24 Antibodies for the Price of One? Try Our New Product

Single-Use Antibody Screening Panel

Benefits of using Antibody Screening Panel

Rapid deposit of preloaded autophagy antibodies into assay wells with a simple snap and shake procedure

Screen samples against a diverse array of antibodies for the price of one full-sized antibody, without time-consuming pipetting

The Autophagy Pathway Rapid Screen Kit set simultaneously detects against all key players in this pathway using popular highly-cited antibodies

Additional sets are designed to achieve a granular screen against dozens of distinct antibodies against single targets such as the hallmark LC3 rotein, to find the antibody optimal for your system

Full sizes of each antibody are available, as well as inhibitors and cell lysates to support expanded study

How It Works

Abcepta offers single-use antibody panel for cost- and time-efficient screening assays. The product eliminate the repeated pipetting with the drop-&-mix design. Simply watch this video or read “User Manual ” with step-by-step explanation of how to use antibody panel for your research project.

How to Map an Antibody When It Is Deposited Into a 96 Well Plate

AP1802a LC3 Antibody (APG8C)
The deposited antibody is mapped as A1 in the 96 well plate. It can be read as AP1802a LC3 Antibody (APG8C) in the screening panel.

AM1817b ATG16L1 Antibody
The antibody is mapped as A3 in the pin (face down, alignment marker is left slanted corner). It can be read as AM1817b ATG16L1 Antibody in the screening panel.

Abcepta’s Antibody Screening Panels

Autophagy Pathway Screener

Autophagy Protein Screener I

(LC3 Antibody)

Autophagy Protein Screener II

(ATG3, ATG7, ATG9, ATG10, ATG12)

Autophagy Protein Screener III

(ATG13, ATG16L, ULK1, Beclin, AMBRA1, SOGA1, DRAM)