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Target of the Week - Beclin 1 Antibodies

Mar 09, 2015

Dear Cancer Researcher,

Beclin 1 is the first identified mammalian gene to mediate autophagy and also has tumor suppressor and antiviral function. Expression of the Beclin 1 protein is frequently decreased in malignant breast epithelial cells. Based upon these observations, it is speculated that beclin 1 may work through induction of autophagy to negatively regulate tumorigenesis and to control viral infections. Beclin 1 may also play a role in other biological processes in which autophagy is important such as cell differentiation and nutritional stress responses.

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Polyclonal Antibody to Beclin 1
Cat # AP13795a
Polyclonal Beclin1 Antibody
Cat# AJ1087a
Polyclonal Beclin1 Antibody
Cat# AO1528a
Polyclonal Beclin 1 Antibody
Cat# AP1818b